My sister Heidi came to visit last weekend to help clean our house and hang out some before the baby comes! We had a great time together and I really appreciate her help. I’m sure she would have been happy to spend all day cleaning but I wanted to have some fun time too so we cleaned in the morning, then spent the afternoon at the park with Charlie and Sammy, got ice cream (yummy pumpkin cheesecake), and visited Melynda, Cory, and Trevor Bonham Saturday evening. Heidi was even kind enough to give Sammy his bath before she headed back to her hubby Sunday morning. Thanks for coming to see us, Heidi! Heidi lives closer to us than my other sisters and is so wonderful about making the trip up to visit often…she and David are awesome! Here are a few pictures of Heidi and Sammy cuddling as he had his evening bottle to wind down before bed.