There are definitely both pros and cons to having two kids as close together in age as Sammy and Eli. One of the cons is that right now we have two little boys and only one crib. Eli has been sleeping in a basinet by our bed, but it’s time for him to graduate to the crib in his own room. Consequently, it’s time for Sammy to graduate to a toddler bed, or “big boy bed” as we’ve been calling it.

We heard that this can be a particularly difficult transition for a little guy to make, so we looked around for a bed that would make it as fun and exciting for Sammy as possible. He’s a big fan of Elmo (or ee-mo, as he calls him), so we settled on The Sesame Street Toddler Bed featuring the man himself in big bold colors. Unfortunately for us every other kid in the world seems to be in love with Elmo too so it was difficult to find one in stock. In fact, the only place we could get our hands on one at all was at Wal-mart, and we hate Wal-mart. As you may already know, Wal-mart abuses it’s employees and rapes the local economy and we’ve been unofficially boycotting it for the last year or so. Desperate time call for desperate measures though, and being a parent means making sacrifices. We ordered the bed through Wal-mart and one month, ten emails, one return, and a half a dozen miserable phone calls to customer service later we had a bed. It took me a couple hours to put it together because the instructions were clearly written by a non-english speaker and the accompanying hardware must have been meant for some other fine product, because not one bolt fit into the hole to which it was assigned.

It all felt worthwhile though when Sammy saw it. His eyes widened, he pointed at it, looked up and me and said “Whoa!” He spent all morning getting in and out of it and pointing at Elmo. When naptime finally came I tucked him in and set up a baby gate at his bedroom door. He cried for a few minutes but then quickly fell asleep. He didn’t even set a foot on the floor, so in our estimation it was a success.

In order to see exactly what went on after I put Sammy down for his nap I set up a video camera ahead of time. Below is the footage from when I left the room until he fell asleep. It’s about four minutes long and it’s pretty uneventful, all he does is cry and flop around a little, but I thought his grandparents might enjoy it. (the beginning is a little messed up, give it a second to get going)