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My parents were in for a visit this past week and bought the boys some very cute Easter clothes. Of course, we had to try them on and do a little photo shoot after my mom and I went shopping. You can see a glimpse of Sammy’s ornery side in the third picture, what a big brother. ha ha. If you want to see the whole set or download any pics, see here.


This picture feels like a dream in a movie or something.

I got out the Jumperoo earlier this week, cleaned it, and let Eli try it out. As you can see, he loved it!
Sammy wasn’t that “into” the Jumperoo when he was little so I think he might like it better now being on the outside but still able to play with the toys. He also likes to give Eli a bounce, which is sometimes fun and sometimes a little too much for our baby.
Eli really lights up when you talk to him; it’s hilarious to be sitting at the dinner table, look over the the corner, and see this face.
When Sammy was tired of the jumping, he got his toy basket out of the kitchen, was not intimidated by its size, and carried it into the dining room to play next to us. With some grunts and groans, he was able to accomplish his goal. I was amazed that he was able to do it. I wish I had video, but hopefully you can see the effort it’s taking to pick up the basket in the second picture.

Sammy on Daddy’s shoulders when he was 4 months, 16 days old.
Complete coincidence–Elijah on Daddy’s shoulders at 3 months, 24 days old.
What do you think, do they look alike??

We took a walk to the park after church today. Sammy was much more adventurous than he had been in the past and he had a great time wandering all over the place and collecting sticks. Evidently a field full of sticks and dead leaves is a lot more fun than a playground full of swings and slides. He would have spent all night out there if we had let him.


There’s a bunch more. Click here for the whole set.

I didn’t set this picture up, Sammy came around the corner in this “outfit”.

Eli seems to be entering a particularly happy phase, and he was really cheesing it up for the camera the other night. We had a great time laughing and playing with him! You can see more here.

Last week, our friends Seth and Josiah came over to play for a few hours. Seth and Sammy are a year apart, and very good friends. They get very excited when they see each other (Sammy sometimes yells in his happiness over the sight of his friend) and Seth plays very nicely with Sammy even though he’s younger.
The younger boys got a little piano time, and Josiah became their conductor. I don’t know if they followed his directions, but there was lots of laughing!
Eli had fun watching all of the action

Elijah and I recently went to Kentucky to visit Glenna, a college roommate, and her family. Glenna and Mike have two children, Kaylee (almost 3 yrs. old) and Koleman (14 months), so we had a great time hanging out and playing with the kids.
Eli loved all the action and Kaylee was so cute reading him books or talking to him. Girls are definitely more mothering than boys, and Eli soaked up the extra attention.
Girl time (plus a sleeping boy).
It was fun seeing Kole making the same noises Sammy made a few months ago, I think I got particularly attached to him while missing my little guy.
I got to give him his first hair cut!
We were in Frankfort, the burial place of Daniel Boone, so Koleman let Eli try on his coonskin cap…and his camouflage hat, which Eli loved.
Here are all of the pictures from our weekend, at a higher resolution if you want to download them (some of them are keepers!). We had a great time and hanging out with Glenna for a few days was very relaxing for me. Thanks, Hockensmiths, for having us!

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