I got out the Jumperoo earlier this week, cleaned it, and let Eli try it out. As you can see, he loved it!
Sammy wasn’t that “into” the Jumperoo when he was little so I think he might like it better now being on the outside but still able to play with the toys. He also likes to give Eli a bounce, which is sometimes fun and sometimes a little too much for our baby.
Eli really lights up when you talk to him; it’s hilarious to be sitting at the dinner table, look over the the corner, and see this face.
When Sammy was tired of the jumping, he got his toy basket out of the kitchen, was not intimidated by its size, and carried it into the dining room to play next to us. With some grunts and groans, he was able to accomplish his goal. I was amazed that he was able to do it. I wish I had video, but hopefully you can see the effort it’s taking to pick up the basket in the second picture.