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We have been pretty impressed with Sammy’s vocabulary lately. I considered making another comprehensive list of all the words he knows, but his vocabulary is literally expanding faster than I can write. He’s learning several new words everyday and is repeating just about everything he hears, especially things I shouldn’t say. He’s like a little blond parrot that recites swear words from his car seat.

So, rather than try to list all 10,000 of the new words he says I thought I would just list a few of the more interesting/cute words and phrases he’s been using as he explores the english language.

He’s nicknamed his pacifier “Paco”. So in the middle of the night when it’s fallen between the bed and the wall and he can’t find it he starts yelling “Paco! Paco! Help me!” Our neighbors probably think we have a Mexican manservant living in our house.

His new favorite game is being chased around the house. He likes to initiate this game by yelling “I’ll get you!” then abruptly running out of the room. If you don’t chase him he comes back, repeats himself and leaves again.

When Eli is sleeping he likes to get right down in his face say “shhh!” loudly with a finger to his lips. If this fails to wake Eli up he yells “Eee-yi sleeping!”

As we’ve already documented, he loves sticks. But when he tries to say “the stick” it sounds suspiciously like he’s saying “eat sh#t”.

He has a set of little plastic dinosaurs he’s been playing with a lot lately. He has named every single one of them “Donny”.

Every night before bed we read some of his kid’s picture Bible, which he loves. At some point, however, he got the meanings of the words “Jesus” and “Bible” reversed. For a few weeks he was pointing at the guy washing feet and saying “Bible!” We did get that sorted out, but now he points to every single drawing of a man with a beard and says “Gee-gee!” (Jesus).

We live pretty close to downtown and get a lot of ambulances, fire trucks and police cars going past our house. He loves them and refers to everything with a siren as “woo woo”.

He has recently started proclaiming things as “funny”. When he sees something on a cartoon or he does something silly he kind of chuckles to himself and shakes his head and say “funny”.

When I apologize to him for something I say “Sorry dog”, and instead of the traditional “I forgive you” he usually says “Woof.”

As you may have noticed, we unofficially ended our blog-a-thon two days early. Our apologies, but we ran out of things to post (and we were busy). I am happy to announce that we have a winner and some amazing statistics!
Here are some statistics from the past seven days:
Pictures–39 (!)

And our winner, with 16 comments, Gretchen! Charlie was a very close second with 14 votes. Thank you for your participation; we had a lot of fun and you are caught up on our lives.

Charlie is always considerate of my needs, but today he really put me before himself and I feel very loved right now. This, as you know, has been a difficult week with sleepless nights, short naps, and fussiness. I was on the edge this morning feeling tired and completely overwhelmed. Charlie helped me figure out when things can get done, offered to watch the boys as well as help clean, and took Eli so I could take a long nap this afternoon! The world is now a much better place for me (and probably my poor family). Thank you, my love.

The boys and I spent most of yesterday doing a job I had procrastinated on–getting out summer clothes. While Sammy was watching his morning Dora the Explorer, I got the tubs out of our storage closet and then he “helped” me go through them. I had stored some toys that Sammy outgrew in one of Eli’s tubs, so Sammy was very excited about that discovery. Sammy played with the “new” toys and also shared them with Eli all on his own. (yea!) He also spent quite a bit of time trying to put on a summer outfit, size 12 month. It didn’t go very well, but he was entertained. Finally, during naptime I got the clothes sorted out and the keepers are currently organized in a laundry basket upstairs. I’m hoping they’ll find their way into the boys’ dressers on their own, but if they don’t, I’ll do that tomorrow. ha ha. Here are two pictures of our day:

Some toys that Sammy shared
How exciting! A pacifier, hat, and receipt!

Thanks for all of the feedback on Eli’s sleeping problems. I think we’ve actually made some progress with him! The past few nights have been wonderful with him waking up only to eat and quickly falling back to sleep. Today was Eli’s first nap where he put himself to sleep and, although he only stayed asleep for about five minutes, I was pretty excited! The world is a better place these days.

So Eli and I have been playing this new game where he’s a telephone and I use him to call Grandma

But today he got violent in the middle of a call

I tried to soothe him

But he was inconsolable

At that point I tried to get Sammy in on the action

But he wasn’t interested

Then it started to get ugly

They teamed up on me

But I turned them against each other

In the end, they were no match for my raw power and animal instincts

In all of the pictures that Gretchen posted yesterday I want to draw your attention to this one in particular:


Zoomed in:

We went to dinner with Charlie’s mom tonight after playing at her house, and both boys were in great moods. Sammy has a hilarious game where he dips his hand in a water glass and flicks the water on an unsuspecting adult. As you can see, it cracks him up. Eli hung out in his car seat during dinner, but he was really happy playing and taking in the outdoor sights.
(I know there are way too many pictures in this post, but I just couldn’t cut any of these out.) Here are some more of the pics.

We went over to Nana’s house for a little fun in the sun this afternoon. Sammy was in heaven throwing things into her pond, talking to her dogs, and playing with sticks. He walked around saying “stick, stick, stick”–the only problem is that Sammy’s pronunciation of that word sounds more like sh*t. Pretty funny. Eli enjoyed the warm sun as well sitting by the pond and then playing with Nana. Here are some pictures of our day.


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