We have a problem here at the Evanses’, and I’m hoping someone can offer some good advice. I think this is the most difficult parenting issue we’ve come across so far and we are frustrated. Eli can’t figure out how to put himself to sleep and stay asleep. He has been swaddled up until now, but as the weather heats up, he wakes up because he’s too hot. We have tried putting him down unswaddled for the past three or four days, and he has yet to fall asleep and stay that way for longer than an hour. Typically, he screams until he falls asleep from exhaustion, and then wakes up less than half an hour later. Day or night. So, we’re pretty tired. Unless it’s been cool enough to swaddle him, we’ve given up around 2 and just put him in our bed where he sleeps much better, but still startles often in his sleep.

Here’s our second problem, he uses a pacifier and it falls out of his mouth when he starts to go to sleep, causing him to wake up again. (This is a new problem that happens whether or not he is swaddled.) I’ve been reading some of Dr. Richard Ferber’s book and he says your child shouldn’t have anything help him fall asleep that he can’t recreate on his own when he wakes in the middle of the night, so he shouldn’t have a pacifier. I can definitely see the wisdom in this advice as we are putting the pacifier back into his mouth about ten times a night. I’ve been trying to help him learn to suck his thumb because he obviously wants something in his mouth to soothe him to sleep, but he’s not interested. (Dr. Ferber’s book may address our issues but I haven’t gotten there yet, so if you’ve read the book and know what chapters are for us, please share.)

**This post is not written in an effort to get lots of comments and put me ahead in our blog-a-thon but as a plea for help…I’m really tired!