We just finished probably the sweetest time of our day, bedtime, so I thought I’d share this special tradition with you.

We have just begun a bedtime routine with Eli to help get him ready to fall asleep on his own. The boys share a room, so I rock him while Sammy and Charlie play together. Eli and I read a bedtime story, snuggle for a bit, sing a song, and then pray before I lay him down in his bed. Then I stand next to the crib and talk to him while Sammy and Charlie do their nighttime routine.

Charlie and Sammy sit in the rocker and look through The Jesus Storybook Bible and then read Good Night Moon together. Sammy is actually starting to say some of the words along with Charlie as he reads. Very cute! After reading, they pray together and Sammy gets in bed armed with at least two “pacos” (pacifiers). As Sammy snuggles in for the night, Charlie sings a few songs and we say good-night to the boys. I love our time in the evenings as the boys wind down, become extra snuggly and affectionate with us.

And then the crying begins…