It’s hard to believe that Eli is already six months old. He has become such a happy, smiley baby who makes our family very fun! He’s now very close to crawling and, in fact, has a difficult time going to sleep because he gets busy trying to crawl when we put him in his crib. He’s getting up on his knees to rock back and forth, but so far he’s not getting anywhere. He’s working on sitting up, but hasn’t quite gotten that yet. I think he’s just got more motivation to become mobile with a fun, sometimes threatening, big brother.
Eli’s also eating baby foods–bananas, peas, and squash so far. He gets excited when he sees the bowl of food, opens his mouth, and sticks out his tongue. Pretty funny, but the real fun comes when he finishes every bite and zurburts the leftovers all over you. I think it’s funny anyway; Charlie doesn’t appreciate it very much.
At Eli’s checkup last week, he was praised as being a healthy and happy baby. He now weighs 17 lbs. 8 oz. (43%), his head is 18 in. (91%) and is 28 in. long (89%). I think the length might be off just a little, because he has way more rolls than I’d expect if from his height/length percentages.
It’s wonderful having Elijah in our family.