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Last week we took a field trip to the zoo with Charlie’s mom, aunt Mary, and her two girls, Nancy and Mary. For those who don’t know, Sammy is a big animal lover, so the zoo was a huge hit! Eli was asleep as the fun began so he missed some of it, but he seemed to enjoy himself once he woke up. Sammy’s favorite animals were actually the ones you would see on a farm…and the monkeys, of course. The train was a little intimidating to Sammy, but at the end of the ride he said he liked it. All in all, a super fun day at the zoo.
Nancy mourning the loss of Ruby the tiger
The favorite, Nina the Llama
He just loved the goats, llama, pigs, and water buffalo
Getting ready for the big ride

Today is the fourth anniversary of our wedding, and I can hardly believe it. In some ways, it feels like yesterday that we were dating–spending every waking moment together–and yet it feels like we’ve been married forever. The past four years have been full of bliss and also heartache, and I fall more in love with Charlie in each new stage of our lives. I’ve seen him grow as a husband, a man of integrity, and as a Daddy. It’s been wonderful. Charlie encourages me to not lose myself in mommyhood even when it means sacrifices on his part, keeps me laughing when I take life too seriously, challenges me not to settle in life, and allows his love for me to cover a multitude of wrongs. I feel humbled by your love and blessed to have you as my best friend. Charlie, thank you for choosing me to love, pursing me, and for loving me every day. Your love for me has helped me better understand Christ’s love for the church.
Happy Anniversary, my love!

Heidi and David are moving to Wisconsin next week (boo-hoo), so she came for one last visit once she finished teaching in SC. We had a great time, played a lot with the boys, and even got to have some good talks. It has been such a blessing for our family to have Heidi and David a few hours away and willing to make the trip up to visit pretty often. It’s been fun getting to know David better (they’ve just celebrated their first anniversary), seeing them interact as a married couple who compliment one another nicely and having them as “couple friends”. I don’t know what we are going to do when they move.
Anyway, on to happier thoughts…here are some fun pics from our week:
Baking Time
We got some laughs from putting Eli in his toy basket
Auntie and Eeii (Sammy’s pronunciation)
Thanks for coming, Heidi! We love you!
There are actually more in the gallery. I know, it’s been a while since we updated that; hopefully it works for you.

While Sammy was sick we had a hard time finding fun things for him to do that didn’t get him too wound up. We spent a lot of time coloring!
He’s also very animated for the camera.
Sammy the photographer

They’re so adorable when they’re asleep
Eli’s enjoying food these days. I don’t know why he’s so hilarious, but he cracks us up every time he eats.
I was busy taking the picture and missed his mouth

We visited Charlie’s mom at school this week for an end of the year party for the students. It was pretty hot and a little overwhelming for the boys, but they had a lot of fun. Here are a few pics.

Sammy’s been sick with hand, foot and mouth disease since last Wednesday morning, so we’ve been busy trying to help him be comfortable and entertained while not neglecting little Eli. We were supposed to go on vacation to D.C. this weekend but ended up rescheduling it for the weekend of Sammy’s birthday, so now we have fun plans to look forward to in August. Charlie still took off Friday and tomorrow as planned so we’ve been spoiled with lots of Daddy time! I’ve got some pictures of our long weekend that I need to post, but until then, here are some from before sickness overtook us.
Striking a pose
For some reason, group pics always end up like this
Making the same face
Eli loves hanging upside down!
Waffles and yogurt–yummy!
Super serious
Sneaky face!

Sammy’s friend Susannah came over to play last week.

Sammy doesn’t like having his diaper changed, and he goes to great lengths to avoid this torture. This morning, he and I were playing with blocks in the living room when Sammy got up quickly and ran into the kitchen. I checked on him after a minute and he had “the stance” (leaning forward a bit, concentrated look on his face, and very still). He held up his hand and told me to go away.
Me: “Are you pooping?”
Sammy: “No pooping.”
Me: “Do you need your diaper changed?”
Sammy: “No diaper!”
I left him to his business and he came back to play when he was finished. Unfortunately for Sammy, his diaper was changed right away. I told him that if he poops on the potty he won’t need a diaper change and he replied, “No potty!”. We’ll see how long it takes for him to be ready to sit on the potty.
Back to playing

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