Sammy doesn’t like having his diaper changed, and he goes to great lengths to avoid this torture. This morning, he and I were playing with blocks in the living room when Sammy got up quickly and ran into the kitchen. I checked on him after a minute and he had “the stance” (leaning forward a bit, concentrated look on his face, and very still). He held up his hand and told me to go away.
Me: “Are you pooping?”
Sammy: “No pooping.”
Me: “Do you need your diaper changed?”
Sammy: “No diaper!”
I left him to his business and he came back to play when he was finished. Unfortunately for Sammy, his diaper was changed right away. I told him that if he poops on the potty he won’t need a diaper change and he replied, “No potty!”. We’ll see how long it takes for him to be ready to sit on the potty.
Back to playing