Some of you may know that we went to Washington, DC, for a little vacation this past weekend. We had a lot of fun on the subway, at the National Zoo, in our hotel room, and at the National History Museum. Sammy also had a birthday while we were there; on Sunday he turned 2 years old! We have tons, and by that I mean a few hundred, of pictures from our weekend that we’ll share throughout this week (as long as I stay on top of things).
First, though, are pictures from Sammy’s birthday. Charlie had yesterday off, so he took Sammy to buy some models at Michael’s, which they put assembled and painted together. Sammy was really too young to do much but he loved “helping” Charlie with the project.
We had a few friends meet us at the house after dinner last night, and then we all walked down to the park for birthday cake. Sammy and Eli both had a great time and Sammy has become quite the ladies’ man. He gave kisses to two girls, danced a lot with Elmo and Susannah, and loved being at the park with everyone. You can check out the gallery for all of the pictures.