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Eli’s not a big climber…except when it comes to steps. When given the opportunity, he shoots out of our living room to get up as many steps as possible before Mommy or Daddy catches him. He was doing this the other day when I decided to grab the camera and take some pictures before making him come back down the stairs. I know Eli used to look very serious in many of his pictures, so notice how smiley he has become lately. He enjoys life much more now that he can get into trouble. ha ha.
Look at his cute little body

Sammy has seen my dad and Charlie do some work on our house, and he has recently helped Charlie work on the cars, so he spends quite a bit of time workin’ these days. He also likes to put things in some particular order that we can’t quite figure out, but he concentrates very hard when he’s organizing things like his cars or tools. Another funny habit Sammy has these days is to carry certain toys around with him as he plays.
Notice the “microphone stand” from an earlier picture
Working in the dining room now
Moving on to his cars

Eli is all over the house these days, and Sammy entertains himself for long periods of time, which is a new thing for him. Here are a few pictures from the other morning.
I’m sure Charlie will love that I put this one up.
Happy guy
In the middle of saying something
Doesn’t he look big
Don’t ask why he has gathered these particular things
The guitar stand is his microphone and I’m not sure what the dice is but he’s singing into it also

It usually takes me a few days, from start to finish, to get a post up. I’ll choose pictures, export them to the desk top, then leave to go rescue someone from the torture of neglect (they think it’s torture anyway). The next day (or two) I’ll try to find a minute to write the post and add the pictures. Well, Saturday I was up way too early and had time to do part one of an entry. I was all set to share a collection of summer pictures that never made it to the website because we’ve been two busy chasing Sammy and Eli to remember to take their pictures lately. But we made up for the lack of photos yesterday (I took about 80 pics throughout the day) so the summer recap will just have to wait.
Yesterday morning we had some fun time together before Charlie had to leave for work. We walked to the park (and wore sweatshirts!!! yea, cool weather) to let the boys swing for a little while. They loved it, but Sammy can never get his fill of swinging, so it ended in tears as we strolled back home. When he got out of the stroller on the front porch, he saw the sandbox and headed over to play. Eli has been eyeing the sand for a little while, but we didn’t put him down to play on the porch much over the summer. Our porch has a concrete floor and I couldn’t bear to watch him scraps his knees on it crawling around. Since it was cool, he was wearing pants and got to play finally! He loved the sandbox, crawling around, trying to escape off the porch, etc. Here are some pictures of the fun:

When my parents came to visit Labor Day Weekend, they took the boys swimming in their hotel pool. They had a terrific time with Mamaw and Papaw all weekend, but I think swimming was the highlight for them. Charlie and I got them decked out in their swimming trunks, lathered the sunscreen on, got their snacks, bid them farewell…and took a nap for 2 hours. Maybe swimming was a highlight for us, also. ha ha. My parents were very patient with the boys’ fear of the water and Sammy ended up getting in at the end of their pool time.
I was able to go swimming with them the next day while Charlie worked; Eli loved the water that day but Sammy wasn’t too keen on it. It was still really fun playing with the boys in or around the pool and seeing them have such a great time with their grandparents.
Trying to get a picture of them together
Aren’t little boys in swim trunks so cute?
Bet you didn’t know Sammy was quite this skinny
Playing in the hotel room after swimming

Charlie’s new job is going well (check out his recent entries on his leftovers blog–in the sidebar to the right) and we are adjusting to his new schedule. It’s been really nice during the week as he usually goes in early and gets off late afternoon, but the weekends have been harder. My parents were visiting the his first weekend of work, so the boys and I stayed busy having fun with them. This past weekend was more difficult. We got together with Charlie’s mom Friday night, which was very fun, and we did some fun stuff Saturday morning before Charlie went in to work but Saturday night was less fun while he was gone. It’s really not bad, just an adjustment for us.
Sammy has been having a hard time missing Daddy when he’s not here to put him to bed, but on the other hand, he’s very excited when Daddy is around and showers him with love and attention. Yesterday was Charlie’s day off so we let him sleep in a little but Sammy woke him up standing at the bottom of the stairs and shouting, “Wake up, Daddy! Wake up!”. Very cute (and Charlie thought so, too.).
Eli seems to be doing well. He does break into a big smile whenever Charlie’s gets home, or when he wakes up to see Charlie already here. He’s usually awake when Charlie leaves, so we wave to him as he walks out the door. Now whenever we go to the back door during the day, he starts waving as if Charlie’s there.
So that’s us. I’m really happy Charlie’s able to work at this job and pursue his dream. He loves the work and I love seeing that.
The boys busy making a mess…and having a great time, of course

Sammy and Eli are very sweet to each other and love being together. It warms our hearts to watch Sammy coo, “Hi, Eeii” or “I yuv (love) you, Eeii”, and Eli gets excited when he sees Sammy. We can’t put them down for their afternoon naps at the same time, because when they’re both awake Eli stands up at the end of his crib, looks through the bars, and talks to Sammy. Sammy, of course, talks back and makes Eli laugh. Super cute to watch, but not good for sleeping. It may be tiring having them close together now, but I have a feeling they’re going to be BFF’s.
Snuggling on the couch first thing this morning

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