Charlie’s new job is going well (check out his recent entries on his leftovers blog–in the sidebar to the right) and we are adjusting to his new schedule. It’s been really nice during the week as he usually goes in early and gets off late afternoon, but the weekends have been harder. My parents were visiting the his first weekend of work, so the boys and I stayed busy having fun with them. This past weekend was more difficult. We got together with Charlie’s mom Friday night, which was very fun, and we did some fun stuff Saturday morning before Charlie went in to work but Saturday night was less fun while he was gone. It’s really not bad, just an adjustment for us.
Sammy has been having a hard time missing Daddy when he’s not here to put him to bed, but on the other hand, he’s very excited when Daddy is around and showers him with love and attention. Yesterday was Charlie’s day off so we let him sleep in a little but Sammy woke him up standing at the bottom of the stairs and shouting, “Wake up, Daddy! Wake up!”. Very cute (and Charlie thought so, too.).
Eli seems to be doing well. He does break into a big smile whenever Charlie’s gets home, or when he wakes up to see Charlie already here. He’s usually awake when Charlie leaves, so we wave to him as he walks out the door. Now whenever we go to the back door during the day, he starts waving as if Charlie’s there.
So that’s us. I’m really happy Charlie’s able to work at this job and pursue his dream. He loves the work and I love seeing that.
The boys busy making a mess…and having a great time, of course