When my parents came to visit Labor Day Weekend, they took the boys swimming in their hotel pool. They had a terrific time with Mamaw and Papaw all weekend, but I think swimming was the highlight for them. Charlie and I got them decked out in their swimming trunks, lathered the sunscreen on, got their snacks, bid them farewell…and took a nap for 2 hours. Maybe swimming was a highlight for us, also. ha ha. My parents were very patient with the boys’ fear of the water and Sammy ended up getting in at the end of their pool time.
I was able to go swimming with them the next day while Charlie worked; Eli loved the water that day but Sammy wasn’t too keen on it. It was still really fun playing with the boys in or around the pool and seeing them have such a great time with their grandparents.
Trying to get a picture of them together
Aren’t little boys in swim trunks so cute?
Bet you didn’t know Sammy was quite this skinny
Playing in the hotel room after swimming