It usually takes me a few days, from start to finish, to get a post up. I’ll choose pictures, export them to the desk top, then leave to go rescue someone from the torture of neglect (they think it’s torture anyway). The next day (or two) I’ll try to find a minute to write the post and add the pictures. Well, Saturday I was up way too early and had time to do part one of an entry. I was all set to share a collection of summer pictures that never made it to the website because we’ve been two busy chasing Sammy and Eli to remember to take their pictures lately. But we made up for the lack of photos yesterday (I took about 80 pics throughout the day) so the summer recap will just have to wait.
Yesterday morning we had some fun time together before Charlie had to leave for work. We walked to the park (and wore sweatshirts!!! yea, cool weather) to let the boys swing for a little while. They loved it, but Sammy can never get his fill of swinging, so it ended in tears as we strolled back home. When he got out of the stroller on the front porch, he saw the sandbox and headed over to play. Eli has been eyeing the sand for a little while, but we didn’t put him down to play on the porch much over the summer. Our porch has a concrete floor and I couldn’t bear to watch him scraps his knees on it crawling around. Since it was cool, he was wearing pants and got to play finally! He loved the sandbox, crawling around, trying to escape off the porch, etc. Here are some pictures of the fun: