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Seth and Abel were over a few weeks ago, and the big boys entertained themselves by stacking all of the blocks in our front window. It took a number of tries, but they finally got it! They were very proud of themselves for their creation, and Eli was standing by, waiting for the opportunity to nab one of those colorful things out of the window. ha ha.
Sammy and Charlie actually did this once before, and Seth saw the blocks in the window as his mom drove by the house. It’s pretty fun living on a busy street and hearing what people see in our window. First it was our dog watching cars, then Sammy, and now building blocks!

The pictures say it all:
We love fall! We got our halloween costumes ready tonight…stay tuned for some hilariously cute boys!

I don’t know what happened to me the past few weeks…well, yes, I do. I’ve been in a sleepy fog and chasing two active toddlers so I never finished posting pics from our trip to visit my family. Anyway, my parents and Heidi met us in Rio Grande, OH, for the annual Bob Evans Down on the Farm festival on Friday afternoon. Sammy and Eli were in heaven with the tractors, farm animals, wagon rides, and relatives. They laughed and smiled all afternoon. There were so many good pictures that I had a hard time narrowing down those that would make it on the post…hopefully you enjoy them. (The pictures aren’t uploading to the gallery, so I’ll let you know when we get that fixed.)

For those who didn’t know, the boys and I just got home from a long visit to Ohio. Everyone was there but Charlie and David so we had quite a crowd. We also did a lot of fun stuff like the Bob Evans festival, hiking, celebrating Brittany and Eli’s birthdays, apple pressing and visiting the Shinn and Sampson houses. We’ve got pictures of everything, but here’s some fun with Grandma Ava for now.

I hope the suspense wasn’t too much for you all!
Eli had a great time with this stick that is much too big for him
Sammy’s favorite parts of the meal
Enjoying the picnic

On Charlie’s day off last week, we decided to enjoy the fall weather by going on a little hike and having a picnic afterwards. After making cookies and packing lots of food, we were ready for our adventure! The hike went well (Sammy’s first time to walk that far) and was filled with lots of, “woah! rocks!” or, “oh, trees!”. It was fun to see Sammy soaking up the sights and sounds of the outdoors. We didn’t take any pictures on the hike but will hopefully have a video up sometime (if Charlie has time). The picnic was a hit with both boys, and we took TONS of pictures of that! We put up a gallery here, but there were too many favorites for me to put them all in one post. So check back tomorrow for part two of the pics, or you can look at the gallery if the suspense is too much for you.

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