On Charlie’s day off last week, we decided to enjoy the fall weather by going on a little hike and having a picnic afterwards. After making cookies and packing lots of food, we were ready for our adventure! The hike went well (Sammy’s first time to walk that far) and was filled with lots of, “woah! rocks!” or, “oh, trees!”. It was fun to see Sammy soaking up the sights and sounds of the outdoors. We didn’t take any pictures on the hike but will hopefully have a video up sometime (if Charlie has time). The picnic was a hit with both boys, and we took TONS of pictures of that! We put up a gallery here, but there were too many favorites for me to put them all in one post. So check back tomorrow for part two of the pics, or you can look at the gallery if the suspense is too much for you.