Blogging has obviously been pushed back in our priorities since Charlie got his new job a few months ago, but we’re still alive over here. Charlie’s job is going well. There have definitely been challenges, but he’s handling it all graciously and is enjoying restaurant work. Sammy, Eli, and I have been able to form new routines as Charlie’s schedule is irregular, so I’m thankful for that. It’s exciting to be here in this job as the first step toward (hopefully) realizing a dream. Even if it doesn’t work out as we’ve planned, it’s cool that we’re able to try for the dream instead of just letting life pass us by.
In other news, someone has walked away with the cord I need to upload our picture off of the camera and I haven’t made time to do a thorough search, so all I have for you today is old pictures. I wanted to give you a glimpse at some things our boys enjoy doing these days, so here they are:
Sammy’s been working on going to the potty for about a month. No news yet, but he likes to sit on it and read his potty book.
Sammy loves eating apples whole, and Eli enjoys standing on a little stool to look out our front or back windows. He talks to the squirrels, looks for Daddy, etc.
Playing dress up.
Charlie’s always trying to get a good pic of the three boys…pretty much always without success. I think it’s cool how much Sammy and Eli look alike in this picture.