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Evidently the google maps truck drove past our house recently.

I just realized the boys have matching pj’s so they dressed alike the other night. It’s amazing to Charlie and me how similar Sammy and Eli are looking these days. I sort of expected it, since people often thought Jessica and I were twins when we were little, but it’s still pretty cool to me. I love having two boys who get along well, love seeing one another, and laugh together in the bathtub! We hope they stay close as they go to school and their worlds grow.

We’ve been having a lot of trouble getting pictures to load on the gallery…until tonight! If you’re interested, you can check out December Fun to see what’s been going on with our busy guys. We had a great Thanksgiving with Charlie’s mom and brother, have been taking full advantage of Christmas festivities like driving around to look at lights, Dickens of A Christmas, more driving around to look at lights, and singing Christmas carols. Charlie works a lot of hours, of course, so we’ve missed him in some of our Christmas fun, which is a bummer, but he’s going to be Santa at work, so we’ll have a bunch of fun visiting him this month!
My parents just left this afternoon and somehow I forgot to take any pictures this weekend! We even had a lot of photo opportunities like decorating the house. Oh well. I’ll have to be sure to take a bunch when we go up for Christmas. Here are a few of my favorites from the gallery:
I love food!!
Reading with Nana at Thanksgiving
Sammy and I made cookies for Charlie to take to work
Decorating the tree

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