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A few weeks ago, the boys and I spent our weekend baking cookies for a local homeless shelter. Sammy and I had a lot of fun rolling out sugar cookie dough, cutting the cookies, and watching them bake in the oven. The next morning, we all decorated/sampled our yummy creations! (This is when Eli learned the word, “cookie”.) I felt like it was an especially good time because Sammy really got into the fact that we were baking cookies “for our friends”.
Once our project was complete, Charlie and I loaded the boys up to deliver the dessert to the Samaritan Inn. There were some guys hanging out in front of the building as we pulled up and Sammy asked, “are those our friends?”. I loved that he didn’t see scary looking men, but friends for whom we baked dessert. Sammy and Eli were shy around so many new people but we felt great about finding a way to serve others with our toddlers and spend time with people who are different from us.

Sammy and I were up first this morning and discovered a mouse in our house! We live in an old home so we deal with them during the cold winter months and have put poison in a crack we thought they were using for their entrance. This little guy apparently ate some of the poison and, unfortunately, died in my house! I was appalled but Sammy was not. I quickly woke Charlie so he could deal with it all.
At Charlie’s suggestion, we decided to bury the mouse in the yard. Sammy was very into it and we thought it would help him understand death. (My grandpa passed away this past month and Sammy was a little scared at the funeral; I thought this might be good for him.)

Preparing to go outdoors early in the morning
Please excuse the crusty nose
Sammy chose the burial spot.
The ground was frozen, though, so we buried him in a pile of sand (he’ll be thrown away while no one’s looking).
It was a solemn occasion involving a song in the mouse’s honor.

As the second child, I have always been sympathetic to Eli’s plight. He gets lots of attention, but not as much as Sammy did. Unfortunately, I’m often the person giving him less attention. Everyone knows this will happen and I have two people who need me rather than just one, but I still slack on the Eli adoration more than I should. So here’s an update on our little one-year-old!

Eli went in for a (late) 12-month check up last week and was given a good report. We could tell that he’s had a growth spurt and lost some of his tummy, but we still think of him as being a little chubby and were surprised to hear his weight is in the 16th percentile (21 lb. 9 oz). His height is in the 58th percentile at 31 inches. And his head…what a cute head…the 97th percentile! He’s got a lot of brains in there.

I’m such a bad mom–I never recorded Eli’s first steps on the blog. But they happened the week after Christmas, if I remember correctly. So Eli’s technically a walker, although you’d probably not know it. He doesn’t really like walking (or maybe he lacks confidence?) so it only happens randomly and maybe once a day. He can walk about three steps and then looses his balance. He’s a super fast crawler these days.

One area where Eli’s excelling is in his verbal skills. Both of our boys are so vocal and I already get tired of talking by the end of some days. Hopefully they’ll have their daddy’s gift for communication. Now no one but me would understand most of Eli’s words, but he does have quite a few. I looked back to see when I made a list of Sammy’s words (about the same number as Eli has now), and it was when he was 18 months! And I thought the second would be a late talker/early walker.
So here it is:
Momma (mommy)
Daddy (Dadda)
Grandad (still working on Granny!)
dog (he LOVES all things dog right now)
cookie (learned that this weekend while baking)
batman (ma-man in a sing-songy voice)

Animal noises:
oink-oink (his fave)
roar (lion)
aahh-aahh (monkey)

Some of Eli’s favorite things right now include: baths, reading books, trains, playing with batman, tools, cars, and food. Eli really enjoys eating and, so far, will eat anything. He loves vegetables, grapes, chicken, crackers, and his new favorite, cookies. He does a lot of emphatic pointing with his cute little chubby finger and says what he wants or just grunts.

He’s a very fun little boy with an easy going personality. He enjoys time to play alone, loves one-on-one attention from Mommy or Daddy, and gets excited when he sees Sammy ready to play with him. A funny little thing about Eli: how brave he is on slides. I can put him at the top of a medium sized tunnel slide, run to the bottom and he’ll go down on his tummy (feet first). After the first time of any park visit, he remembers how fun it is and gets very excited for the next ride down the slide.

Okay, enough gushing.

I guess Sammy and his animals didn’t feel like napping in his bed today.

Sammy and Eli were given a wooden nativity set yesterday and loved it, but the stable kept falling apart (it’s five pieces that you just fit together). This was quite frustrating for Sammy so Daddy took care of things this morning. Sammy and Eli got in on the action, of course, and had a blast. They pretend to “fix” things, so this was like their dream come true!

A work in progress–aren’t they good looking guys?
I caught a dangerous moment on camera (notice Charlie’s finger is not on the trigger)
This is great!
The finished product all nailed together

I have a bunch of fun pictures from the holidays and such that I hope to post soon…we’ll see if it actually happens. Sammy and Eli are great friends and both always on the go. We tried to take some candid family pictures a few weeks ago but Sammy wasn’t really in the mood.
Eli and Daddy loving on each other
Look closely…that’s us without any kids in the picture!

One of our big Christmas presents this year was a tent! All of us are really excited about warm weather in the spring so we can camp outside. Of course we set the tent up in our living room soon after getting it so we could see how it works and play inside. Sammy and Eli LOVED it. They just laughed, jumped around, fell on top of us, and thought it was awesome.

Last night, we attempted to sleep in the tent as a test run for the real deal outdoors. The boys were both very tired so at…about 6:50 we turned out all the lights and went to bed. They were so sweet (it’s Sammy’s dream to be able to sleep with Eli) mumbling to each other and rolling around trying to fall asleep. I can’t even tell you how precious it all was. Anyway, around 8:15 Eli fell asleep and at 8:30 Sammy opted to go up to his bed.

It’s good to know what we’re getting into when we go camping for real–late bedtimes and lots of fun!

This is awesome!
There’s a little static in here!

Here’s a post from December that I forgot to finish:

Eli’s napping right now and Sammy’s playing on his own. He just turned around and said, “Mommy, baby Jesus want his paci”. I told him we could pretend he has one and Sammy said (with much compassion), “he sad”.
Hmm, are we talking about baby Jesus or Sammy, who gave up his pacifier a few months ago? I thought it was sweet and didn’t want to forget, so now it’s recorded forever on the blog.

Other funny things Sammy says:
“Want see my brudder” (brother)
“I never see (hear) that before”
“One time…” some story will follow
Whenever we tell him he can have a certain number of something, he says, “How ’bout five?”

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