One of our big Christmas presents this year was a tent! All of us are really excited about warm weather in the spring so we can camp outside. Of course we set the tent up in our living room soon after getting it so we could see how it works and play inside. Sammy and Eli LOVED it. They just laughed, jumped around, fell on top of us, and thought it was awesome.

Last night, we attempted to sleep in the tent as a test run for the real deal outdoors. The boys were both very tired so at…about 6:50 we turned out all the lights and went to bed. They were so sweet (it’s Sammy’s dream to be able to sleep with Eli) mumbling to each other and rolling around trying to fall asleep. I can’t even tell you how precious it all was. Anyway, around 8:15 Eli fell asleep and at 8:30 Sammy opted to go up to his bed.

It’s good to know what we’re getting into when we go camping for real–late bedtimes and lots of fun!

This is awesome!
There’s a little static in here!