A few weeks ago, the boys and I spent our weekend baking cookies for a local homeless shelter. Sammy and I had a lot of fun rolling out sugar cookie dough, cutting the cookies, and watching them bake in the oven. The next morning, we all decorated/sampled our yummy creations! (This is when Eli learned the word, “cookie”.) I felt like it was an especially good time because Sammy really got into the fact that we were baking cookies “for our friends”.
Once our project was complete, Charlie and I loaded the boys up to deliver the dessert to the Samaritan Inn. There were some guys hanging out in front of the building as we pulled up and Sammy asked, “are those our friends?”. I loved that he didn’t see scary looking men, but friends for whom we baked dessert. Sammy and Eli were shy around so many new people but we felt great about finding a way to serve others with our toddlers and spend time with people who are different from us.