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My parents came for a visit this past week and we all went to Charlie’s restaurant for dinner one evening while he was working. While we were eating, Charlie had one of the cooks come to our table to show Sammy his new Batman tattoo that is located on his calf. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that Sammy loves Batman so that was exciting, but he was a little scared of this unknown man who was talking to him.
Tonight, however, Sammy decided that he needed the Bat-symbol on his leg like Mr. Ethan. He kept asking, so I gave in and attempted to draw it on his leg. It’s on his shin so he can see it, of course. Then he needed one on the other leg as well. We called Daddy to tell him about Sammy’s awesome tattoos, but had to remove them before bed (so Daddy didn’t get to see them). I’m sure we’ll be going to church tomorrow morning with Bat-symbols and Sammy will spend the whole time with his pant legs pulled up. He doesn’t want the color to rub off. Smart kid.
So proud
He chose the colors
“Look at my Bat-symbols, Batman!”

I had fully intended to do some catch-up posts this week, but Eli’s been sick and throwing up since Sunday. Sammy had this bug about two weeks ago now, then Eli got it. Charlie’s also gotten sick in the past few days and to top it all off, Sammy started throwing up again yesterday afternoon! Lisa (Charlie’s mom) brought dinner and sat with sick kids so we could eat and get our heads above water. Huge “thank you” to her! My parents are coming tonight to help out and spoil the boys (and us). Their trip was already planned but we’d be calling them for a last minute rescue if it hadn’t been. So we’re alive but not able to do anything beyond the necessities. We’ll get back soon!

My computer had an incident with a spilled drink about a week and a half ago and, long story short, I had to re-login to edit our website. Unfortunately, neither Charlie nor I could remember the login password. Charlie finally got a few moments recently to figure out the needed info, and we’re back on the blog! Sorry about the silence. (Although I just realized as I’m typing that I could have posted entries without logging in…) I’ll catch up in the next few days.
Here’s a quick pic from last summer that I think is pretty cute. I can’t believe how much Sammy and Eli have both changed since then!

Sammy, Eli and I had a particularly entertaining dinner the other night. I let the boys sit next to each other; they played and laughed together for about an hour. Eli has recently picked up “cheers” and played that little game over and over with Sammy. We took a bunch of pictures to show Daddy what we do at dinner (since he’s working) and I thought a few of them were blog-worthy.
Again! Again!
The Richied chin
Showing off his yogurt and jelly face
So sweet…can’t he stay this age forever?

Sammy and Eli both love Batman and Robin right now and even like to make capes out of a baby blanket to be “Superguy”. Charlie suggested to Sammy the other day that we could all dress up like super heros; Sammy was very excited! Charlie is “Batman Daddy”, I’m “Catwoman Mommy”, Sammy’s “Robin Sammy” and Eli’s “Superguy”. We dressed up, chased each other around the house, jumped off of the couch, and the boys got to “fly”. Everyone slept well that night. There are way too many pictures in this post, but I couldn’t narrow my selection any; if you’re a die hard fan (grandparent), there are more in the gallery.
Our super hero family looking fierce
More super faces
Super heros playing together…look at that bum!

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