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The boys and I went to Ohio for most of last week to celebrate Heidi and her soon-to-come baby! And to visit all of our family, of course, but her shower was the motivation for our trip. We had a great time, I was too busy to take pictures, and have been getting settled back into life this week.
We spent almost all day cleaning out our storage closet so I’m pretty pooped right now. But I wanted to post something so here are some pics from the last few weeks:
Eli loves to talk to the fish!
Sammy insisted on the backwards hat and a vest like Daddy’s
We also have a bunch of pictures with him posing but, out of consideration for “adolescent Sam”, Charlie suggested we not post them all.
Lunch at the big boys’ table
The little guys ate next to each other and watched the fish!

Eli has a bit of a temper and sometimes gets very upset when his desires are not met immediately. Being the good mother that I am, I took pictures of my little rage machine when he was going full blast a little while ago.
Back to smiles quickly, though

You’ve seen Sammy’s Batman tattoos, but have you seen Sammy and Eli in disguise???
A great Spring morning–eating doughnuts on the front porch.

Leaving a secure job to work harder and become poorer are things that we generally avoid doing, but I think our decision to do just that six months ago has been one of our best. I see Charlie becoming more like Christ in the way he manages the restaurant and loves, really loves, the people around him. I am amazed and humbled by the man that he, by God’s grace, is becoming. His recent blog entry blew me away, and I would encourage you to read it. I’m so proud that our boys have the privilege of seeing such manhood lived out in their daddy.

I had the camera out from our snow pictures yesterday (to come soon), so I took some fun pictures of the boys this morning. Sammy and Eli helped me make some granola bars, something that I’ve been thinking of doing for a while but was a little intimidated about doing it. It was very easy, fun for them to make, and they love them! We’ve entered the stage of someone constantly looking for food (it’s usually Eli–he would eat all day if we let him. He walks around saying something like, “cracker. cracker. cracker.” or “grapes. grapes.”).
Food, please?
Sampling them before they were all the way cooled. Very crumbly and messy at this point.
Coloring to kill some time while waiting for them to cool
Cute feet
Sammy insisted on wearing this tee shirt over his sweatshirt
Sammy’s other fashion choice this morning. Look closely and you can see his tattoos.

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