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The Carilion Helicopter was recently replaced, so both helicopters were open for tours one Saturday morning. We were excited when Shauna called to tell us about the event and ask if we wanted to check them out. We both have boys, so of course our field trip was a huge hit!
Shauna helping her boys into the new ‘copter and Sammy running over to join them
Look at those good looking guys!
Eli wanted to be bucked into the seat belt. It’s a little big for him.
These step ladders were a highlight for the younger boys

I’ve mentioned before that Sammy is infatuated with Batman, has the Fisher Price bat cave and 2 little Batmans and a Robin. He and Charlie discovered online that a Joker is sold separately and, ever since, Sammy’s been dreaming of the day he would get his very own bad guy. We commented one time (around Christmas, I think) that maybe he’d get the Joker for his birthday, so he often says “maybe I’ll get the Joker or my birthday!” (August 10). That’s a long wait.
The Joker isn’t sold in stores around here or online, so we weren’t really sure how or when we could buy one. When I was in Ohio last month and at Target with my sisters, we found the Joker and Jessica (being the wonderful Aunt that she is) bought it to mail to Sammy sometime. Well, guess what we got in the mail this week…that’s right!
“Maybe it’s the Joker!”
It is!!!

Take a moment to really soak in this next picture…

What do you mean I can’t hold it right now???
So happy
Of course, Eli did get a turn to play

Thanks, Uncle Jason and Aunt Jessica!!!!

It’s a lot of pictures but I just couldn’t cut any of them out, I love them all. 🙂
Loving that macaroni
What’s in the egg???
Kicking back next to Daddy
Susannah hunting
I have chocolate on my finger!
Getting the egg open
Charlie and Evan relaxing

Here are the fun and crazy kids who hunted eggs for Easter:

Eager Elijah
Susannah the Sleuth
Spirited Sammy
Easygoing Evan

We had a great celebration this past Sunday! Charlie was able to barter for Easter off (he has to pay for it this Saturday) so I was in a great mood just because we were able to be together. Charlie and I woke up before the kids so we got to hang out for a little while in peace. Eli woke up first and was in the mood to snuggle in our bed so that was awesome! We had breakfast together, went to church, and then down for naps.
After nap time, we went to the Williamses’ for dinner and had a great time. The kids had a picnic outside, then an egg hunt, and they played on their own while we ate an incredible dinner! Delicious food, fresh lilacs on the table, good fellowship…we couldn’t have asked for more. We have a lot of good pictures, so I’ll be posting them over the next few days.
Eli couldn’t wait on the steps any longer. He’s going for the eggs!
Sammy, Evan, Susannah, and Eli
Baby Evan! Isn’t he adorable?!
Susannah and Eli working together on the egg hunt
Sammy was a ham all evening

Sammy decided this week that he wanted to start potty training! We aren’t hard core about it, but let him decide when he feels like wearing big boy underwear. He’s making progress and we are so proud of him!
Sammy also got his first splinters last weekend (very sad). I got the first one out by pinching it, but we had to use a needle for the second one. This made Sammy VERY nervous, but he was brave and got his first injury-related band-aid! (He’s been wanting one for a while.) Here’s a picture of our tough guy:
Sammy’s growing up quickly and I think it’s a little hard on all of us. He’s hit the “terrible two’s” and has been quite emotional at times. This morning when he was having a melt-down, I took him in the other room and hugged him while he cried. Then we read a story and were ready to rejoin Daddy and Eli. Some moments are difficult but all of the emotions also cause Sammy to be very loving to us, for which this Mommy and Daddy are thankful. It’s a challenge knowing when he can’t control his emotions and when he’s throwing a temper tantrum but it forces us to really know our child, so that’s good.
Sammy’s a big helper. He happily retrieves things around the house when I ask, and likes to be part of whatever Mom or Dad is doing. We have been watching a friend’s baby in the mornings for a few weeks now, and Sammy is so sweet to her. He coos to R’reoina (pronounced like Ariana), rocks her gently in her chair, shows her his toys/tells her stories, and alerts me when she spits up.
I think Sammy’s favorite past-time is playing pretend. He LOVES to dress up and act out some adventure. His favorites right now are Peter Pan, Batman, and Spider-Man. Life is very fun and never dull with Sammy around! Here are a few super hero pics:

No, that’s not a Sammy double…it’s my baby with his first big boy hair cut!!! I’m trying to hold back the tears. Eli got a trim about a month ago from my mom, but he didn’t look much different afterwards. But this is a little tougher on me (I didn’t have a problem with Sammy’s first cut, but I was in love with my baby’s curls).
I can’t believe Eli’s almost a year and a half old…getting close to a big boy bed…he sat on the potty for the first time tonight…rivaling Sammy for the role of “chattiest in the house”. He loves the outdoors and sometimes will even back up to the door, lean into it with all 24 lbs. of himself and repeat “outside” until we give in or pull him away (crying). It’s very cute. He’s a little Sammy shadow, loves to read and help out. Eli also really likes Sesame Street characters, trains, the sandbox (because it’s outside), and Daddy. He looks for Daddy throughout the day when Charlie’s at work and likes to wake him up in the morning. He’s a very sweet boy; a real joy to our family.
Here’s another picture of our new big boy:

The boys love to be held and spin around and around. I was spinning with Eli today and he was super excited about it all, so I got out the camera to try to capture the joy. I think we succeeded.
Sammy got in on a little of the action, but wasn’t “feeling” it quite like Eli

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