No, that’s not a Sammy double…it’s my baby with his first big boy hair cut!!! I’m trying to hold back the tears. Eli got a trim about a month ago from my mom, but he didn’t look much different afterwards. But this is a little tougher on me (I didn’t have a problem with Sammy’s first cut, but I was in love with my baby’s curls).
I can’t believe Eli’s almost a year and a half old…getting close to a big boy bed…he sat on the potty for the first time tonight…rivaling Sammy for the role of “chattiest in the house”. He loves the outdoors and sometimes will even back up to the door, lean into it with all 24 lbs. of himself and repeat “outside” until we give in or pull him away (crying). It’s very cute. He’s a little Sammy shadow, loves to read and help out. Eli also really likes Sesame Street characters, trains, the sandbox (because it’s outside), and Daddy. He looks for Daddy throughout the day when Charlie’s at work and likes to wake him up in the morning. He’s a very sweet boy; a real joy to our family.
Here’s another picture of our new big boy: