We had a great celebration this past Sunday! Charlie was able to barter for Easter off (he has to pay for it this Saturday) so I was in a great mood just because we were able to be together. Charlie and I woke up before the kids so we got to hang out for a little while in peace. Eli woke up first and was in the mood to snuggle in our bed so that was awesome! We had breakfast together, went to church, and then down for naps.
After nap time, we went to the Williamses’ for dinner and had a great time. The kids had a picnic outside, then an egg hunt, and they played on their own while we ate an incredible dinner! Delicious food, fresh lilacs on the table, good fellowship…we couldn’t have asked for more. We have a lot of good pictures, so I’ll be posting them over the next few days.
Eli couldn’t wait on the steps any longer. He’s going for the eggs!
Sammy, Evan, Susannah, and Eli
Baby Evan! Isn’t he adorable?!
Susannah and Eli working together on the egg hunt
Sammy was a ham all evening