I’ve mentioned before that Sammy is infatuated with Batman, has the Fisher Price bat cave and 2 little Batmans and a Robin. He and Charlie discovered online that a Joker is sold separately and, ever since, Sammy’s been dreaming of the day he would get his very own bad guy. We commented one time (around Christmas, I think) that maybe he’d get the Joker for his birthday, so he often says “maybe I’ll get the Joker or my birthday!” (August 10). That’s a long wait.
The Joker isn’t sold in stores around here or online, so we weren’t really sure how or when we could buy one. When I was in Ohio last month and at Target with my sisters, we found the Joker and Jessica (being the wonderful Aunt that she is) bought it to mail to Sammy sometime. Well, guess what we got in the mail this week…that’s right!
“Maybe it’s the Joker!”
It is!!!

Take a moment to really soak in this next picture…

What do you mean I can’t hold it right now???
So happy
Of course, Eli did get a turn to play

Thanks, Uncle Jason and Aunt Jessica!!!!