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Eli loved Brady, Joe and Betty’s dog
Eli’s checking out Brady’s tags
I’m in heaven!

A few weeks ago, we made a mid-week trip up to West Virginia to visit Charlie’s family. We were only there two days, but had a great time hanging out with Aunt Betty and Uncle Joe in their incredible house (built by Joe), talking with Meme, and having dinner with the whole family. We neglected to take many pics other than when we were at Meme’s apartment…
Here are some fun ones!
Meme and Charlie enjoying time together
Her magnifying glass was very exciting for the boys!
Making faces at Sammy
Eli threw a royal fit when he wanted (but didn’t have) Papi (paci) and Teddy. I think Meme somehow enjoyed the screaming toddler, though!
Meme’s place is too fun for a busy Sammy
Thanks to the Morgantown crew for a great visit! We miss you!

Happy Father’s Day, Charlie! If you don’t know already, he was promoted to general manager this week so we’re all busting with pride!!! He’s been working a lot this week because of different things, but was able to come home for a Father’s Day dinner and some ice cream. He felt badly that he dozed off while we played in the living room, but we’re very proud of all his hard work…at work and making sure our needs are met regardless of the demands at the restaurant. We feel very loved!

In case you were wondering, Sammy and Eli both gave Charlie gifts: Sammy will “take” him out to breakfast (in Daddy’s big truck, of course) and Eli is taking him to the pet store (loads of fun for a toddler!). They’re very excited for their dates with Daddy!


(Happy Father’s Day to our dads, as well!!! We love you!)


Ava Sophia Graden
6lbs 4oz, 19.25″

Welcome to the family Sophie, we’re proud to be your uncle/aunt/cousins! is currently under construction and will be for a few days. Everything you’re looking for should still be here, it just won’t be pretty. Thanks for being patient.

I have started this entry a few times already, but never get very far, so I’m giving up and just putting up pictures. 🙂

Sammy, Eli, and I spent the night in Chattanooga last month and had a great time! Eli and I stayed with McKenzie (an old roommate), David and Graceyn while Sammy stayed with Mamaw and Papaw at their friends’ house. We were only there for about 12 hours, so I didn’t get to hang out with McKenzie as much as I would have liked, but it was a fun 12 hours!

Downtown Chattanooga has a walking bridge (which the boys loved), merry-go-round, and fountain to play in. You can see more pics in the gallery.

Eli’s becoming very funny, and loves to make people laugh. He is playing in a drawer here (it’s on the floor) and I asked him to make a funny face. I didn’t really catch the first one, but thought it was cute anyway.
P.S. I know I’ve really sucked at blogging lately and have started posts, but never finished them. I think I got kind of bored with just pics of the kids but my brain is fried by the time I sit down to blog so pictures is all I’ve got right now. Maybe I’ll get better…

We’ve been working on potty training for…at least 6 months and we let Sammy be in control of the process. He randomly goes in the potty when he feels like it, then panics over the possibility of accidents, then tries again, etc. He had been showing a lot more interest recently, and then kicked it into high gear this past week. He does awesome when he’s running around the house naked, so last night I decided to make a potty chart with him to help with the motivation.
Sammy has been talking about wanting a dinosaur birthday cake for about a month now (we have a lot of summer birthdays among family and friends), but August is a ways off…especially for a 2 year old. So I told him that when he goes pee on the potty, he puts a sticker on his chart, and when it’s full he’ll get a dinosaur cake! We started today and you can see how quickly he’s progressing:
Yes, that’s right. He might have filled all 13 spots by tonight.

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