We’ve been working on potty training for…at least 6 months and we let Sammy be in control of the process. He randomly goes in the potty when he feels like it, then panics over the possibility of accidents, then tries again, etc. He had been showing a lot more interest recently, and then kicked it into high gear this past week. He does awesome when he’s running around the house naked, so last night I decided to make a potty chart with him to help with the motivation.
Sammy has been talking about wanting a dinosaur birthday cake for about a month now (we have a lot of summer birthdays among family and friends), but August is a ways off…especially for a 2 year old. So I told him that when he goes pee on the potty, he puts a sticker on his chart, and when it’s full he’ll get a dinosaur cake! We started today and you can see how quickly he’s progressing:
Yes, that’s right. He might have filled all 13 spots by tonight.