Happy Father’s Day, Charlie! If you don’t know already, he was promoted to general manager this week so we’re all busting with pride!!! He’s been working a lot this week because of different things, but was able to come home for a Father’s Day dinner and some ice cream. He felt badly that he dozed off while we played in the living room, but we’re very proud of all his hard work…at work and making sure our needs are met regardless of the demands at the restaurant. We feel very loved!

In case you were wondering, Sammy and Eli both gave Charlie gifts: Sammy will “take” him out to breakfast (in Daddy’s big truck, of course) and Eli is taking him to the pet store (loads of fun for a toddler!). They’re very excited for their dates with Daddy!


(Happy Father’s Day to our dads, as well!!! We love you!)