Barring any major setbacks, we have a potty trained boy in our house!!! We are so proud of Sammy for deciding that he was (finally) ready to give up the diapers and embrace undies! Today will be his fourth day as an “all the way big boy”.

Friday, Sammy’s first full day of undies (he has been working on potty training off and on for about 6 months), Eli also decided that he wanted to use the potty. So that day was pretty hectic and involved both boys trying to poo at the same time. I was holding Eli on the big potty and realized he hadn’t made it to the bathroom and we both had poo on us. Super fun. Especially when I saw that he had left a trail on the way to the bathroom. Never a dull moment here! Diapers went back on for a while after that incident (I needed a break).

We made it through that long day, ventured out for more than an hour yesterday in the undies, had our first public accident, and are still in the underwear. I’m so proud!!!

Can you guess who this is?