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We’re heading out on vacation in a few hours, and I guess being gone a week has motivated me to blog (hence the multiple posts this morning). Charlie has made it to his long awaited week of vacation, and we’re going to visit friends in FL. We’re driving to Savannah today and to West Palm Beach, FL Tuesday! We can’t wait for good fellowship, time away from Roanoke (so work can’t call him in), uninterrupted Daddy time, and, of course…the beach!!
These pictures pretty accurately describe how we felt about getting in the car to drive from Ohio back to Virginia last month:
Say cheese!
The unexpected picture that caught how we really felt
Hopefully this trip is more exciting! We gave in and borrowed a portable DVD player for the boys on our 13 hr. trip.
Oh, and I still need to post pics from our trip to Ohio. Hopefully, I’ll do that when we get back. But here’s the most recent picture of my whole family (there’s so many of us!):

Sammy and Eli love climbing on grandparents’ laps to read books! Granddad and Granny came to visit last weekend so the boys climbed up (Sammy and Granddad had to wear their baseball hats) and enjoyed a good book.
We really enjoyed the visit, but the time flew by! We love you, Granddad and Granny, and Sammy “really misses” you.

I have the coolest niece in the world, and yes, I know this at just three months in. I was browsing through iphoto and saw these two hilarious pics from our visit in Ohio.
Don’t you love my mom’s shirt?! Cracks me up.
I just want to smooch that soft baby skin! Sophie, we miss you!!!

Eli was helping me cook the other day and, when I turned around, this is what I saw:
You may not be able to see it, but there’s some drool on his lower lip
Yum, yum, yum
Still going…


Funny #1:
Eli is usually the first to wake up in the mornings and then we all snuggle in Sammy’s bed for a few minutes when he gets up. Eli, Sammy and I were sitting in bed this morning when he pointed to the window and said, “the sun is awake…and the birds are tweeting softly…so they don’t wake the mosquitos…and we can do BUBBLES since the mosquitos are asleep!”

Funny #2:
(This will make Charlie sad, but it’s cute how they’re bff’s and thought we’d want to remember this.)
The boys like to watch some tv first thing in the morning, so I sleepily oblige. They started Madagascar yesterday so they’re finishing it today. Sammy was talking to himself about a part where “Alex the Lion” was off alone. He said, “Alex the Lion is away from his friends just like my Daddy had to go to work for a meeting.” (In a whimsical voice.) I said, “oh, that’s sweet” and he replied, “no, that’s sad”. DSC00078.jpg

We camped out in Nana’s yard last night.

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