Eli’s birthday isn’t for a few weeks (Nov. 4), but we started celebrating last night since my parents are in town. Birthday cakes have become a big deal since Sammy’s birthday this summer, so we have talked a lot about what Eli wants on his cake. Charlie and I made the usual suggestions–Cookie Monster, farm animals, Mickey Mouse, Elmo–but Eli came up with his own idea. A little voice said, very confidently, “teddy”. Now if you know Eli, you know how much he loves his teddy so we thought this was the cutest thing!

Yesterday morning, the boys and I made a carrot cake, iced it, and waited for Charlie to come home and decorate it. He did a great 5 minute job (smile) and Eli was in heaven!!! He was so excited to see Teddy on his cake and to get to “eat Teddy”. It was hilarious! Such a big hit, in fact, that we may have another Teddy cake for his real birthday…we’ll see. More pics here.
A great team
I don’t know that he’s ever been so excited!
He’s not too good at blowing out candles yet, so Sammy stepped in to help.
Still super excited
“eating” Teddy