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We were talking in Sammy’s bed this morning and this is what he told me: “Eli was crying so I sang ‘Twinkle, Twinkle’ to him and he fell back asleep. Then he woke up again, but there was nothing I could do to put him back to bed”.

He’s in time out right now and announced from his chair, “I was thinking about stuff I could do for you guys. I could clean up.” Now he’s singing the clean up song (over and over) and putting toys away.

Three is proving to be a very funny age!



The boys had a great time in the snow this week!!! Sammy was amazing and really enjoyed playing in the snow with Charlie. There was lots of rough-housing and snowballs thrown! Eli loved chasing after the dogs and trying to walk in the snow…it was too high so I had to keep rescuing him. It’s been really fun having snow for a change!
Sammy and Eli loved falling backwards into the snow
Couldn’t you just snuggle him?
This is AWESOME!
Daddy just dropped Sammy into the snow
Sammy could not stop laughing the whole time he was out there
Great smile
Best attempt at a family picture

So it snowed almost two feet in Roanoke this weekend. Here are a sampling of photos, for the whole set go here.


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