Well the poll seems pretty conclusive. The people have spoken and they want a girl! If only this were a democratic decision we’d be set.

Truthfully, we don’t really have a strong desire for this baby to be one sex or the other. I would like for it to be a girl just because we already have boys and it would be nice to have a little variety, and also because I hear that once you have three boys no one will ever babysit for you again. Ever. But, we really enjoy our boys (real enjoyment too, not just dutiful parental faux-enjoyment) and we’d be very happy to have another one. Plus we have all kinds of cool boy stuff like Batman and Pirates and, personally, I have no desire to throw ponies and princesses into the mix.

Eli also has no real opinion about the sex, although Sammy has just changed his preference from boy to girl. He had been referring to the baby as “Danny” up until today when he told me, “I want the baby to be a girl baby now. And her name will be Lightning Girl.” Which, I have to admit, is a pretty great choice. Some other names the boys have considered:

  • Moomoo (from Eli)
  • Optimus Prime (Eli)
  • Sophie (from Sammy, also his new cousin’s name)
  • Baby Eli (Sammy)

While we have been semi-transparent about where babies come from (mommy’s tummy), Sammy is very much confused about how the baby fits into our family. He is under the impression that he and Eli will be the new babies parents. Occasionally he even refers to Eli as his “wife”, which I think comes from the fact that from his perspective he and Eli have a similar relationship to the one Gretchen and I have. They are the same size, they like the same stuff, they have the same privileges/restrictions, they share a room, etc. So he and Eli will be the baby’s parents and Gretchen and I will be the grandparents.

The whole prospect of a new baby is a lot more abstract to Eli, who hasn’t been through this before. Sometimes he’ll ask “is Sammy the baby?” or “is Corny (his stuffed dog) the baby?” He has no idea how that his cozy little world is about to be shaken at it’s very foundation.

How would you like these people to be your older brothers?