Charlie, Sammy, Eli and I had a fun morning today, even though this is how Sammy felt during breakfast:

We cheered him up some while we were eating our cereal:

Once we finished eating, we decided to play hide-and-seek!  I think Sammy and Eli may have played this at some point, but I’m not sure.  Charlie and Sammy started out on the “hiding” team, and both of the little guys loved the game!  We switched partners each time; Sammy and Eli even hid together on their own.  They were pretty cute.

At one point, Team Eli hid in the bathtub–this became his new favorite place in our house.  He wanted to hide there over and over, eventually bringing in his pillow, teddy and blanket so he could take a nap in the tub.

Sammy, of course, wanted to get in on the action, but he needed to bring just about every toy in with him.  Oh, and he put together this Batman costume on his own earlier this morning:

After dumping the toys in the bathtub, Eli climbed in to play.  (Unfortunately, they spent more time gathering their toys that the just had to have than they did actually playing with them.)

Good family time…even if I was the first one to take a shower and had to clean it all up!