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Recently Sammy has been very stubborn about eating his dinner. It’s obviously a matter of will and testing boundaries because he refuses to eat things that he actually likes. Tonight he refused to eat his scrambled eggs, which he usually loves.

He’s old enough now to be held a little more responsible for his decisions, so we’ve been trying to crack down on him pretty much every night. If you’ve ever met him you know how social he is, so our chosen mode of discipline is to leave him alone at the dining room table until he’s eaten his dinner.  He absolutely hates being alone, especially when he thinks he’s missing something.

So tonight, we’re an hour and a half into dinner and he’s alone at the table. Everyone else is upstairs and he’s by himself, Gretchen and Eli are playing in his room and I’m doing schoolwork and monitoring him through the camera on our desktop computer downstairs. He looks like this:

He's the blond speck scowling at the table.

Last night it took two hours for him to eat a few bites of squash. Tonight it looks like we may be in for an even longer haul.

***UPDATE*** He ate the eggs! Only moments after I posted this, he even promised to eat his dinner tomorrow night. We may be making progress…

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