I misplaced our camera battery charger a month or so ago, but just as I was about to order a new one, I found our charger in a desk drawer that I KNOW I’ve searched at least twice before!  Frustrating that I was so oblivious, but great being able to take pictures again!  Eli and Sammy had a little “incident” on Sunday that resulted in a black eye for Eli so I thought I’d take a photo of it.  Little did I know that it would be an evening full of photo opportunities!  Yea!  We took a bunch, so I’ll post them throughout the week.
Here’s the black eye.  It’s getting better, but we did get some comments on it when we were out shopping yesterday morning.  I wanted to wear a sign, “I don’t beat my child”.  Luckily for me, he looks pretty reckless and crazy even when we’re at the grocery store so I don’t think anyone questioned my story.  🙂

Teddy’s getting more of a personality these days.  Eli tells me what Teddy says or when he wants something.  Sometimes he wants to give a hug or he tickles Eli.  He often likes to “sit” on Eli’s head, which is the funniest thing in the world to our two year old.  It’s pretty funny seeing Eli’s imagination take off.

One of Sammy’s first pictures.  I held the camera steady while he pressed the button (and covered the flash).  He was very proud of himself, and I thought it was pretty good!  I got my hair cut last week, fyi.  It was rainy and a bit frizzy, but you get the idea!

Sammy snuggling with Daddy for some pictures (more to come in the next few days):

We took a bunch of pictures of the guys and then headed to the Mill Mountain Star to run around before bed.  Eli has been asking to go to the star for a little while and got very excited as soon as he heard Charlie get home yesterday. “Now we can go to the star!!!”  We had a great time, got lots of cute pictures of the boys playing, and somehow had a potty accident that got Eli’s undies wet but not his pants (so we didn’t have to leave right away due to a naked boy).  Success!