I thought Eli needed his own blog post tonight–not that he reads the blog…

He’s had a tough time this week, and I felt especially bad this morning.  (I understand how he feels as the middle child.)  We went down to the market with my mom and got the stroller out for the first time since Abraham’s arrival.  Eli was very excited about the stroller, but “his” seat is the one the car seat carrier fits into…and therefore is now Abraham’s seat.  Eli was so sad and broken when I told him that wasn’t his seat anymore, and I suddenly felt terrible for our little 2 year old!  To top it off, Mommy can’t carry him right now, either, so that’s another disappointment for him.  He pulled himself together after the promise of a trolley ride later, and did very well in his new role of “big kid”.

Papaw helping Eli out of a sad/grumpy mood