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Eli and Sammy have been pretty creative with Abraham this morning!  Here is a glimpse into the life of the third child:

Look at that poker face!

He drew a bad hand

Where’s Abey-baby?

Big brothers trying to comfort him when he’s upset

Here’s a little clip from our recent drive back from Ohio.

Post 1 in a series about the creative play Sammy and Eli have been doing this past week.

The boys got into our winter gear on a shelf in the laundry room (why it’s still out in the middle of July, I don’t know) and entertained themselves with hats, mittens and scarves for over an hour.  Our air conditioners were having some problems so they were turned off and the house was pretty hot while Sammy and Eli were dressed up, too.  I took some cute pictures; note the last two pics of their sweaty heads!

Hilariously cute!

My mittens are on backwards!

It’s tough balancing all the hats a 3 year old wears


Cheese!!!  (note the sweaty hair peaking out under the hat)

It’s great always having your best friend around to play

The hair

Lovin’ it!

We’ve stayed home more lately since we have a new baby and it’s super hot outside.  Playing at home is much more exciting when you have a new baby around to love on!  I took a bunch of cute pictures of Abraham the other day (see previous post).  I thought these pictures of Sammy and Eli snuggling with Abraham were very sweet.  They really love their baby brother…lots of smooching going on around here!!!

I don’t do much editing to photos, but thought this one looked nice in b&w

Sammy always wants to be with Abraham

When they weren’t playing with Abraham that morning, they were busy being a knight (Sammy) and Batman (Eli).  Yes, Eli’s wearing a Super-Man shirt, and yes, I was very careful that they didn’t step on the baby at the bottom of the picture!

Super-Man/Batman/Captain Hook…I guess

Off to their next adventure!

I’m running out the door, but just caught a few smiles from Abraham.  Of course, I had to post this immediately!

When Eli was a month old

And now (Abraham is a month old)

We love our boys and feel so blessed to be their parents!

*I know I just posted the second photo but I was looking through pictures and comparing the boys last night, and I thought the two pics were too cute to pass up.

The boys and I are back from a week in Ohio!  It was a great time of visiting with family…and sleeping while Mamaw and Papaw got up at the crack of dawn with Eli!  I have a bunch of pictures to put up when I get around to it, but I know what you’re really wanting (Grandad and Granny) is a recent picture of Abraham.  Here’s a little something to hold you over until then:

Our three boys together

Snuggling with Aunt Brittany

And because I couldn’t wait to share some pictures of my SUPER CUTE niece, here’s Sophie!

She was very sweet with Abraham

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