We’ve stayed home more lately since we have a new baby and it’s super hot outside.  Playing at home is much more exciting when you have a new baby around to love on!  I took a bunch of cute pictures of Abraham the other day (see previous post).  I thought these pictures of Sammy and Eli snuggling with Abraham were very sweet.  They really love their baby brother…lots of smooching going on around here!!!

I don’t do much editing to photos, but thought this one looked nice in b&w

Sammy always wants to be with Abraham

When they weren’t playing with Abraham that morning, they were busy being a knight (Sammy) and Batman (Eli).  Yes, Eli’s wearing a Super-Man shirt, and yes, I was very careful that they didn’t step on the baby at the bottom of the picture!

Super-Man/Batman/Captain Hook…I guess

Off to their next adventure!