Post 1 in a series about the creative play Sammy and Eli have been doing this past week.

The boys got into our winter gear on a shelf in the laundry room (why it’s still out in the middle of July, I don’t know) and entertained themselves with hats, mittens and scarves for over an hour.  Our air conditioners were having some problems so they were turned off and the house was pretty hot while Sammy and Eli were dressed up, too.  I took some cute pictures; note the last two pics of their sweaty heads!

Hilariously cute!

My mittens are on backwards!

It’s tough balancing all the hats a 3 year old wears


Cheese!!!  (note the sweaty hair peaking out under the hat)

It’s great always having your best friend around to play

The hair

Lovin’ it!