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You might not have noticed, but there’s a new section on the left labeled “Videos”. Those are, in fact, videos! I’ve been adding a lot lately because I discovered that I can upload videos right from my cell phone, so be on the lookout for new stuff over there. Here’s a choice moment from the other day:

I never, I mean never, randomly buy clothes for our kids at a regular store.  Yard sales and Once Upon a Child are the places I shop, with the occasional clearance deal at Target or Sears.  However, I could not resist myself this morning when we were at Target.  I laughed out loud when I saw this shirt (it was on clearance, too!):

He looks so peaceful, but let me share the other pictures I got before Abraham fell asleep:

I am not in the mood for a photo shoot, Momma!

Calmed down a bit, and super sleepy

…Or maybe he doesn’t like Daddy being the butt of a joke (he’s so sympathic already)

Aahh, fast asleep with big ol’ kissable cheeks!

There’s a free trolley that drives around downtown that our boys love to ride on!  My parents were here last weekend, so we were able to go on a trolley ride!!!  (I wouldn’t try to go on my own with all three boys and it only runs on week days.)  Sammy and Eli were looking forward to the outing all week and our friends, the Bonhams, were able to come with us.  Melynda and I went to college together, so she’s known my parents for over a decade (what?! how was college so long ago?) and we all had a great time together!

Melynda, Jenna, Trevor, Sammy, Gretchen and Eli

I think Eli may have been the most excited person on the trolley that day

Sammy and Mamaw enjoying themselves

Of course, we needed a picture with Abraham in it!

Sammy doesn’t have any particular stuffed animal or blanket that he’s attached to, but Eli has Teddy and they’re best friends.  It’s very sweet, but also scary since we’ve almost lost him a few times.  I’m curious to see if Abraham has anything that he falls in love with…and I haven’t decided if I’d rather he had a lovey or not.  Sammy and Eli gave Abraham an elephant when they met him in the hospital and I think they may become friends.  We’ll see if they become inseparable but they’re pretty cute together either way!

I was able to take all of those cute 2 month pictures of Abraham because his brothers were otherwise occupied in the bath.  Once they got out, they headed straight for Abraham and gave him lots of love!  I think Abraham enjoyed his quiet time but he also gets a kick out of Sammy’s sweetness and Eli’s sillyness.

I love Eli’s smile!

Still not sure about all this attention

Finally talking and everyone’s having fun

This guy is full of life!

We have such a cute, chunky monkey!  He’s smiling a lot lately and we love it!


Here are some pictures of Abraham and me from our late night playtime last week.  Note how much more relaxed he looks with me than with Charlie in his post.  He knows he won’t be tortured!  ha  ha.

I was trying to make a face like Abraham’s.  Don’t ask my why, when he was so calm, I thought he looked like this:

Best friends!

A little weird of me, but check out the cute baby

Checking out the camera

Fun times with our baby

Four years ago today, God blessed us with our sweet baby Sammy!  He’s becoming more interesting every day and we love him to pieces.  He is our first boy, and it’s a privilege to parent him.  Sammy loves life, enjoys communicating (talks non-stop), is sensitive, and has a soft heart towards things of God.  We’re looking forward to seeing how he grows and changes this next year!

Four years ago this evening:

Sammy enjoying a long awaited birthday gift from Granddad–lunch out at his favorite restaurant where they sing “happy birthday”.

SO EXCITED!  (He ate about three bites of the ice cream and let Eli take care of the rest.)

A few Saturdays ago, Charlie and I spent the day cleaning up around the house (thank you for your help, Honey!).  He found some yarn…somewhere…and let the the boys play with it.  Completely on their own, they decided to wrap up the stairs and did a pretty good job of it!  It kept them entertained for quite a while and they weren’t getting out toys that would have to be picked up again while we were trying to clean, so I was very happy!

I caught them taking a snack break together and thought it was so cute!  They were sitting in the rocking chair, talking and playing together.  This was the best picture I could snap before one of them got out of the chair, though.  I am thankful they are great friends!

I’m not sure Abraham wouldn’t have titled this post “Late Night Torture from Daddy”, but Charlie and I had fun with these pictures!  Of course, Charlie is a total ham and I think Abraham got tired of it by the end our our play time.  Poor guy.  I’m sure he’ll appreciate Daddy’s craziness more when he gets a little older…I know Sammy and Eli LOVE when Daddy gets funny!

Anyway, it was fun to have a little time alone with the baby after the big (much louder) guys were in bed.  Abraham’s so sweet and we love him to pieces!!!  (That doesn’t have anything to do with this post, but I’m in love with our baby and wanted to tell you how wonderful he is.)

Charlie’s making the same face as Abey-baby

This one’s a little weird

Why do you do this to me, Daddy??

Charlie’s cracking himself (and me) up!

Abraham looking a little crazy

Charlie’s having a great time!

I’ve got some pictures that Charlie took of me with Abraham that hopefully I’ll get around to putting up later today or tomorrow.  My five minutes of free time are up and I’ve got to run!

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