We have really been blessed in that Abraham is a super content baby.  I was preparing myself before his birth for a fussy little guy because I just knew he would be difficult!  But God has had mercy on us and given us a happy baby who rarely cries.  We’re very thankful!  He’s been nothing but a joy since he was born and he goes along with whatever craziness his brothers have in store for him (see earlier post).  Abraham is starting to smile often, coo some, and smile when we’re talking to him.  It’s wonderful!!!  Having three kids is very busy (VERY BUSY), but we’re really enjoying it.

Since he so rarely cries, I was happy to get some cute pictures of him ramping up and giving a big cry when he was ready to get out of the swing one day.  I know my dad will enjoy these pics, and maybe someone else will, too.  ha ha.

Please put the camera down and pick me up, Momma!

I didn’t get him out fast enough.

Much better!