Without really realizing it, we have started a tradition of making a big birthday sign for Charlie.  We made one last year and the boys had a great time decorating around the “happy birthday” so I decided it would be fun to do it again.  I was amazed at how much more time Sammy and Eli both spent on the poster!  Their attention spans aren’t usually very long when it comes to drawing or coloring.  I think that they were so interested in our birthday sign because they love their daddy so much and wanted to make something special for him.  We hung it up in the dining room and had a fun dinner celebrating him!

Sammy spent the majority of his time tracing inside my letters and did a great job!  He has recently gotten very interested in learning to write.  Very exciting, but also a little sad as I see my baby getting ready for school.  It’s not for another year, but I’m already getting a little sad about it all!

Eli, as you can see, drew a lot of circles and tried to trace his hand a few times.  It was very cute.

The finished product.  Sammy got tired of writing and wanted to cut along the edges.

Sammy wrote his name (with help on the “s”), drew the space shuttle on the left, and Eli’s pictures are on the right (around his hand print).

Eli’s message to Daddy cracks me up!

Things they love about Daddy: