There’s a free trolley that drives around downtown that our boys love to ride on!  My parents were here last weekend, so we were able to go on a trolley ride!!!  (I wouldn’t try to go on my own with all three boys and it only runs on week days.)  Sammy and Eli were looking forward to the outing all week and our friends, the Bonhams, were able to come with us.  Melynda and I went to college together, so she’s known my parents for over a decade (what?! how was college so long ago?) and we all had a great time together!

Melynda, Jenna, Trevor, Sammy, Gretchen and Eli

I think Eli may have been the most excited person on the trolley that day

Sammy and Mamaw enjoying themselves

Of course, we needed a picture with Abraham in it!