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“Bucket Head” has been around for a few years at our house. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find old pictures of the boys as Bucket Head, but here are some cute ones of Eli recently!

This is just a photo from a phone, but thought it was pretty good.  Don’t you like Eli’s get-up?  Sammy chose his outfit and I really like the “church shirt”/exercise shorts combo!

Abey, looking a little sad

Eli knows–a pirate hat will cheer him up!

Drooling Pirate

Look at those squishy rolls!  (I’m lovin’ having a fat baby!)

We got some awesome pictures of Abey-baby last night as he was waiting his turn to get in the tub!

Here’s a teaser for you:

A fb friend offered some extra tickets Monday morning, so we jumped on that and spent our afternoon (or about an hour of it, anyway) at the ball game.  Uncle Greg, a close friend of ours, came with us and helped with our high maintenance crowd!  It was a little hot but we managed with the help of some Cracker Jacks.

We actually went to a game a year ago, and the first thing Sammy remembered about the game was the “yummy snack” they had.  Funny–that’s how I remember baseball games as a child as well!

(Abraham spent the whole time sleeping in some make shift shade so he’s not in any pics.)

What a fun family!!!

The game (it was a good thing Greg was there to explain things to the boys.  We are sports idiots.)

Intent on the game

Sammy wanted to sit in the row above us all by himself for a while

Sweaty guy

Abraham tried to snatch some of my food when we were having a picnic Labor Day evening!

Good thing he’s so stinkin’ adorable.

Sammy slept in Labor Day morning, so Eli had some special time as the big boy.  How did he spend that time?  Fighting with Daddy, of course!  He had a blast being “shot” with a missile launcher.  Hopefully our pictures capture some of the cuteness!

We’ve started collecting wise saying from Sam and Eli in a separate little blog here, if you find that sort of thing interesting. New entries are displayed in the sidebar on the left on this page under the video section. Here’s a sample:

We hope you all had a great Labor Day!  We had a very enjoyable day together that included a baseball game and a picnic/hike in the woods.  We have good pictures that I’ll sort through later and post, but wanted to share some funny ones first.  Charlie took some good ones of each of us with the “macro” setting!

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