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I went to brush my teeth and look what Abraham was doing when I returned!  It’s probably just me being a dorky mom, but I was so proud of him for finding his toes.

I had two extra babies around the house this morning.  Sammy and Eli kept asked questions like, “do babies talk?” and, “can babies walk?”.  It was strange but they were quiet and entertained for a long time!

The real baby


We had a church picnic this afternoon and we got home around 4:30.  Here’s Abraham at around 4:45 today:

(Sorry it’s from the camera phone.  I need to charge our camera battery.)

It’s been a long time since blogging!  We had a great vacation here at home without Sammy and Eli.  Charlie, Abraham and I rested, camped, and did whatever else we felt like doing for a whole week!  It was glorious.  Sammy and Eli had a blast with Mamaw, Papaw and the rest of their Ohio relatives!  They got to go camping, celebrate Aunt Brittany’s bday, have lunch with Papaw at work, and have a bunch of fun!  I don’t think they really missed us, either.  🙂  We were all very happy to be back together and this week hasn’t been too difficult as we transition back to life as normal.

Anyway, back to Roaring Run…

(Quick update on Abraham: he went for his 4 month check up last week and weighs 18 lbs!  He’s a big guy and very smiley.)

Okay, really on to Roaring Run pics…

Charlie and Sammy heading up to the waterfall

Lots of water after some good rain!

Sammy and Eli both put their hands in the cold water!  I was a little nervous  🙂

Sammy and Charlie yelling outside.  Because you’re allowed to yell as loud as you want when you’re outside!

We made some finger puppets before our hike so, of course, Eli had to bring his squirrel on our hike.


We went to Roaring Run last weekend and had a great day hiking, picnic-ing and enjoying the wonderful fall weather!  I have no idea why it has taken me a week to even look at the pics, but here are a few of my favorites!

Btw, the big boys are camping this weekend with Mamaw, Papaw, Aunt Brittany and Uncle Jeff.  From what I hear, they’r having a blast!

Sammy and Eli go to visit Mamaw and Papaw today for a whole week!  Charlie’s taking some time off and we’re taking a staycation!  (Vacation, but not traveling)  We’re very excited, but I’m also sad thinking about how much I’ll miss my big boys.

Abraham’s in for a lot of spoiling…I think he’ll still miss his entertainment, though.

They’re all such good friends!!!

Abraham’s been a little more needy lately; he often wants to be near us or held by someone.  So I broke out the Moby Wrap to see if he’d enjoy being carried in it.  It was great not having to use my hands to hold him!  He liked it for a while, but also looked hilarious!

The best picture

Lots of laughs!

Looking cute…Abraham a bit concerned.

Put down that camera and rescue me!

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