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We had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends over at our house!  It was the first time we’ve hosted the holiday with anyone else, and it was really fun.  Charlie’s mom and I split up the cooking, too, so that was a blessing!  I didn’t remember to take pictures of us all at the table (of course) but here are a few candids from the evening:

There was some snuggling…

And some eating…

Some silliness…

Wrestling and laughing, of course…

Some posing (Eli)…

And some more snuggles to finish up the night!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thanks so much for the great package!  Sammy and Eli have been running around in their “exercise clothes”…and they bring out some serious spunk in them!  (see photos below)

They’re especially excited since I’m running in the Star City Half Marathon this Saturday. (I’ll be the slow one.)  Sammy had talked about running some of it with me, but now he says he can run the entire race!  Of course, they’re planning to wear their outfits to cheer me on.  Thanks for thinking of us!

My attempt at getting them to smile.  I’m not sure what Sammy’s talking (or singing) about and Eli’s pretty hilarious, too.

Really feelin’ it

Abraham’s outfit is great, too–he’ll be in 12 months before too long and we don’t have a bunch of winter clothes in that size.  🙂

Batman and Bat-dog went into the bat cave to go to sleep recently.  I heard muffled voices and giggles so I crept up the stairs to see what was going on.  I surprised them as I opened the closet doors, and this is what I found!  They had drug some blankets and pillows into the closet so they could go to bed.  Kind of gross to me, since that’s where shoes are kept so they had to relocate their beds.  But at least they had a lot of fun together!

Cute Bat dog!!

Meanwhile, Abraham was blowing bubbles and being adorable! (this was about 3 weeks ago)

Eli’s the master of funny faces!  Check out Sammy’s writing on the gift!

Here’s a closer look:


Having a blast!!

Eli had a birthday on Thursday and finally turned three!  We started celebrating several weeks ago in Ohio with my family, so we’ve heard “am I three yet?” often.

Mamaw made her famous applesauce cake with cream cheese icing for our big guy!

This cake had Star Wars fruit snacks on it, per Eli’s request

Unfortunately, I was too busy having fun with my family to remember to take any more pictures.  Sorry, guys, that you’re not represented on the blog!  Know you’re loved, though.  🙂

Now for the celebrations this week!

Three of my favorite guys

Unorthodox way to hold up three fingers

Very excited to blow out three candles on his cake!!  (Star Wars Legos…see a theme?)

Hugs for Nana!

Of course, the award for “cutest partier” goes to Abraham


We had a great halloween last night!  Friends from church and some neighbors came over for a cookout in our front yard!  We had a great time hanging out and getting to know some of our neighbors who wandered over for hot dogs.  God has given us opportunities to meet new neighbors lately and we feel very blessed by that.  Sammy and Eli had a blast with all of the excitement–costumes, friends over, candy, and trick-or-treaters!  More than once, I noticed Sammy spontaneously dancing (no music, just super excited!  or maybe super charged from tons of candy).  It was very cute.

Yes, Darth is licking snot.  Nice.

Look out, bad guys!  Luke’s ready to use the force!

This is serious business

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